We are active.

Walking, running, or bodyweight training — there are plenty of ways to be active.

We want to motivate you and make it easier to start working out, which is why we've put together helpful tips and an overview of our current offers. The best part is that you can win amazing prizes!

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Cheer Me To Berlin

"Active & Energized" Training Plan

"Hey, Run With Us" Challenge

Cheer Me to Berlin

Get moving, collect cheers – and win an unforgettable trip!

...that was Cheer me to Berlin.

Lizeth Paz Salmerón was the lucky winner of the weekend trip to Berlin – she collected the most cheers in an hour.
Even though the prize has been won, you can still motivate your friends. Cheer them on while they're running and push them to go the extra mile. Find out how it worked:

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Are you ready for the new 4-week training plan?

Download the free 4-week Active & Energized training plan in the Results app, strengthen your core, and get in shape!

Don't miss the chance to win a 12-month Runtastic Premium Membership or one of many adidas workout packages.

How can you participate in the raffle? Complete the training plan within four weeks. You have until October 30th to finish the plan.

Curious what your first workout will look like? Get a sneak preview:

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Hey, Run with Us.

There's always a reason to get moving!

Download the Runtastic app and get active. Join one of the current challenges in the Runtastic app and try to reach the goal.

Good to know: the challenges always have different goals – run, collect active minutes, or bike – there's definitely one that's right for you.

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Helpful Tips to Kick Off Your Training

What is the best kind of workout to lose weight? How many times a week should you train if you want to see results? Everything you need to know to successfully start your training routine can be found in this article.

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We are athletes.

Anyone can be an athlete — you don't have to be a pro. What matters is that you stick with your fitness goals and keep challenging yourself.

Check out our tips and current campaigns, participate in great raffles, and discover new parts of yourself.

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"Thank You For Running With Us" Challenge

"Active & Energized" Training Plan

Marathon Lottery

We just want to say thanks...

...for running with Runtastic.

There's a new challenge — Thank you for running with us — waiting for you in the Runtastic app to add variety to your running routine. It's very simple: run 20 km in 2 weeks and you'll be entered in an exciting raffle! Prizes include several Runtastic Premium Memberships and adidas prize packs.

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5 Effective Tips to Improve Running Performance

Have you been inspired to participate in the "Thank you for running with us" Challenge in the Runtastic app? Check out the 5 top running tips on the Runtastic blog and improve your performance with every step.

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Training made easy: Start the Active & Energized plan

The free 4-week plan in the Results app makes it easy to get started with bodyweight training. Now's your chance to get moving and really strengthen your core!

Tip: Complete the training plan within four weeks for the chance to win great prizes. You have until October 30th to finish the plan.

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3 Reasons Why You Benefit from a Training Plan

Beginnings are always tough — but there are plenty of reasons why you should try bodyweight training today...

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Three Athletes, Three Stories

"When I run, I have a dialogue with myself"

Most people focus on performance when they do sports. For Ryo, this is secondary; he runs so he can clear his head. "No matter how athletic someone is, I believe that everyone can be an athlete. The most important thing is to get active and keep moving."

Find out more about Ryo & his life in Tokyo:

"Running makes me feel alive"

Mark was out of shape for many years. "I was lazy, sat in front of the TV, and ate a lot of ice cream." But then the photographer from LA discovered running — and with it, his passion for a balanced life.

Get inspired by Mark's story:

"Inhale and go!"

Débora believes that sports changes the way you think. She founded the first running group in Brazil led by a Black person and is working on breaking down barriers of prejudice and racism. "I see myself as an athlete. I work out, so I am an athlete."

Meet Débora:

Marathon Lottery

In the Runtastic Marathon Lottery, you have the chance to win 2 exclusive entries for the 2020 BMW Berlin Marathon by giving your estimate of the winner's time for 2019 (both men's and women's).

What do you need to do?

Just provide us with your estimates in Best Female Marathon Time/Best Male Marathon Time and click on "Send estimate" — that's all it takes!

Tip: The best times in the 2018 Berlin Marathon were 02:18:11 (women) and 02:01:39 (men).

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