Week Of Weight Loss: #RuntasticWOW Recap

week of weight loss

And so the first-ever Runtastic Week of Weight Loss comes to an end.  But, of course we all know – this is really just the beginning!  We hope you’ve enjoyed the variety of exercises, recipes from MyFitnessPal and encouraging tips along the way.

We now challenge and encourage you to keep using these tools & tactics to continue your weight loss journey.

Here’s a few of our team’s favorites that we plan to keep using for weeks & months to come:

Our motivational Weight Loss Story Run is also a useful tool to keep you focused and on track – check it out today! Whether you’re just getting started, working to lose those last few pounds or aiming to maintain your weight, Runtastic will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.


P.S. Do you have any exercises or recipes that you plan to continue using? Or maybe some small tweak or modifications to our suggestions that you can share with others? Get active in the Comments section below to share how you plan to continue your weight loss efforts AND inspire follow readers while you’re at it! #sharingiscaring #TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore #RuntasticWOW


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