runtastic live tracking with Günther Weidlinger in Spain

In October 2011 Günther Weidlinger successfully qualified for the Olympic Games 2012 in London with a great time of 2:12:23 in the Frankfurt marathon. At the moment runtastic is Günther’s great partner to work out and reach his limits in the Olympic preparation training camp in Spain.

Günther Weidlinger

Far away from the Austrian cold winter climate Günther starts his training camp in Chiclana/Spain today and will travel back home to Austria on March 3. The first rough training sessions will already be done in  the first training week. Actually Günther Weidlinger will start his first two training runs tomorrow and on Sunday (February 18 and 19) live with the runtastic PRO app. The two sessions will go live between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m. Follow Günther in real time on the runtastic fitness site, cheer him on and push him to his limits. This way you can become part of Günthers training for the Olympic Games 2012.

“runtastic is my faithful partner in all my runs. I will run about 400 kilometers during my training camp. I’m looking forward to a diversified and effective training in Spain.”, says Günther Weidlinger.

Günther Weidlinger

Fascinating live sessions in Spain are waiting for you – don’t miss them. We will keep you informed with further trainings reports on our runtastic Facebook Fanpage.



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