Weight Loss With Runtastic: Our Top 5 User Stories

One of our goals at Runtastic is helping YOU on your journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. That’s why we love each and every one of our users’ success stories and, once a month, post one of your incredible achievements on the blog. Andreas, for example, lost an impressive 84 kg / 185 lbs with Runtastic and Katherine reduced her weight from 125 kg / 276 lbs to 81 kg / 179 lbs. Today, we want to present you with the five best weight loss stories from our Runtastic users to inspire you, too, to change your life just like Franz, Mahmoud or Lee did. You can do this!

And then I stepped on the scale…
Franz started his personal weight loss journey with 220 kg / 485 lbs: “I realized I can’t go on like that.” When he had to weigh himself due to a lost bet, he suddenly realized how much weight he was dragging around each day. Something clicked and Franz started to focus on healthier nutrition and exercise. As soon as his weight was down below 100 kg / 220 lbs, he decided to try running. Within four years, he reduced his initial weight from 220 kg / 485 lbs to incredible 88 kg / 194 lbs. Check out his entire success story here.

weight loss with Runtastic

Fighting obesity
Within just one year, Mahmoud lost the impressive amount of 60 kg / 132 lbs. How? By running with the Runtastic app. “As soon as you get the ball rolling and feel ready, you have to contrive ways and means that help you to a fresh start. For me, this meant finding out how to have fun while doing sports,” Mahmoud explains the start of his journey to weight loss. The Runtastic app was the perfect ally for his plans and just as efficient as a human training buddy. Learn how he did it on the blog.

weight loss with runtastic

Katharine’s lifestyle change
An accident and her being unhappy with her job were the main reasons for Katharine’s weight gain. Despite all that, she still found the right motivation to reduce her weight from 125 kg / 276 lbs to 81 kg / 179 lbs. Soon, her eating habits also changed. During her weight loss story, Runtastic and MyFitnessPal were always by her side. She got started with a 5K Training Plan and she’s a big fan of the Runtastic Fitness Channel on YouTube. “I integrated many videos in my workout routine and was able to grow muscles and improve my endurance,” she says. Here’s the whole story – get inspired!

Live longer
“My situation was anything but great: My weight of 172 kg / 379 lbs reduced both my life expectancy and my happiness,” says Andreas about the start of his success story. “Today, I’m a new person and I am so happy.” Hiking, strength training, biking and badminton helped Andreas shed an incredible 84 kg / 185 lbs. Get motivated by his story.

weight loss with runtastic

Wedding slim-down
Lee and his wife share a beautiful, impressive story: When Lee proposed to his back-then girlfriend, he weighted 157 kg / 346 lbs, she 111 kg / 245 lbs. That’s when they decided to change their lives – the couple resolved to lose weight and get married with their ideal weight. And they actually did it! Lee shed 78 kg / 172 lbs while his wife lost 38 kg / 84 lbs before the wedding. Read the full story here.

Has Runtastic helped you, too, stay on track and not give up? Send your personal success story to mysuccess@runtastic.com.

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