Weight Loss with Runtastic: The 7 Best Before & After Photos

Before and after pic of Travis.

Wow, what a great year it has been! An incredible number of Runtastic users have shared their incredible success stories with us. Now, let the seven best before & after photos inspire you…

-45 kg (-99 lb): Franz is into running half-marathons

Franz Laussegger success story

From 140 kg (308 lb) to running half-marathons – yes, it is possible! Franz told us how he did it: “I started working out regularly on an exercise bike and tracking my workouts with the Runtastic app.” In order to lose even more weight, the 54-year-old took up running. “Today, I weigh 95 kg (209 lb) and I’m still losing weight: Don’t give up!”

-44 kg (-97 lb): Running is Inge’s favorite sport

Runtastic Success Story Inge Linke.

Regular exercise is Inge’s weight-loss secret: “Mountain biking, running or hiking – I try out new fitness activities on a regular basis.” In combination with a change of diet, the mother of three lost 44 kg (97 lb). “My family says I am a lot more confident these days. I’m a completely new person.”

-43 kg (-95 lb): Klaus no longer needs his meds

Runtastic Success Story Klaus.

Klaus had been overweight ever since he was young. At the age of 40, he weighed 117 kg (258 lb) and had high blood pressure. “I didn’t want to take medication my whole life. So I decided to finally lose weight.” Whereas Klaus used to eat more than 4,000 calories a day, the fireman now only consumes 1,800 calories daily. And sport has become an integral part of his life.

Today, the fireman weighs 74 kg (163 lb) and no longer needs his medication. “I lost weight not only for myself, but for my wife and two sons as well. Without the understanding of my family who gave me so much support, I might not have reached my goal. I also ran my first half-marathon this year. And in 2017 I want to take part in my first triathlon.” Way to go, Klaus!

-41 kg (-90 lb): Patrick feels great

Before and after pic. Runtastic success story Patrick

123 kg (271 lb) before, 82 kg (181 lb) after… how did Patrick do it? He asked his better half for advice: “My significant other helped me change my diet. And then we started running together.” Today, Patrick loves to exercise and can now run 14 km at a stretch. “I’m proud of what I have achieved!” And we are too! Read the whole story of Patrick’s weight loss on the Runtastic blog.

-32 kg (-70 lb): Her dog and exercise were the key

Before and after pic of Jessica.

Jessica weighed a whopping 116 kg (258 lb) at a height of 159 cm (5 feet 2 inches). The teacher from Canada found out she was pre-diabetic. “When my doctor told me, I was devastated.” Jessica started to lose weight little by little. And she finally learned to love running: “Ginny, my black Labrador, is the perfect training partner!”

-32 kg (-70 lb): Travis has turned his life around

Before and after pic of Travis.

Travis has had some tough times in the past: “My child had cancer and my marriage was in a crisis. And I was totally overwhelmed by the situation… That is also when I started to gain weight.” In the end, Travis weighed a total of 110 kg (243 lb). He didn’t want to live this way anymore, so he sought help: “Push-ups, sit-ups or running – Runtastic provided me with everything I needed.” After shedding 32 kg (70 lb), Travis now feels physically and mentally strong.

-25 kg (-55 lb): Barbara got in shape with Runtastic Results

Barbara before and after

“I’ve always loved to eat good food,” admitted Barbara from Austria. An upcoming vacation including diving filled the mother with ambition: “I wanted to look good in a wetsuit, so I began to run.” In the end, Barbara downloaded the Results app and started doing bodyweight training. “The first weeks were really hard for me. But I stuck with it! Now I love bodyweight training. And I feel amazing in my new dress size…”

Would you also like to read your success story on the Runtastic blog? Then send us a short text and don’t forget to include some before & after photos. We look forward to your message at mysuccess@runtastic.com!

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