Welcome Home. Let’s Change the World. How Everything Began…

As you can easily tell from our career page, we are constantly looking for new Runtastics to enhance our team and improve and expand our product range. Of course, that only works if we succeed in reaching not only a wide, but the right audience.
Runtastic Farm Event

Great Place to Work got the ball rolling
Our Great Place to Work award not only proves that it is a lot of fun to work at Runtastic, but it is also the perfect opportunity for a bottom-up evaluation of us as an employer. And a chance to find out what Runtastics are truly proud of.

Runtastic Employer Branding

A brand is born
This evaluation was a great basis for defining our employer brand essence and communicating it to the outside world. At the beginning of the new year, a fun-loving group of Runtastics, consisting of HR, Marketing, Design and IT, set to work on researching and analyzing the job market. After an intense two-day workshop, heated debates and laid-back after-work sessions, we were sure of one thing: Runtastic is looking for team players who are interested in making things happen.

Runtastic - stronger together

We are… stronger together
Of course, coming up with a slogan and defining a target group is still a far cry from an exciting campaign: For this, we needed to go out-of-house. In a Linz-based agency, we not only found a partner who is on the same wavelength as us (creative, hard-working and fun-loving), but one that provided us with great ideas for communicating our message.

Runtastic Photoshoot

The Donaulände was the perfect location for our photo shoot.

Runtastic devs - apply now

After one photo shooting and one week of editing, the campaign was ready to go.

Apparently, we succeeded in getting you to check out our career page. Maybe you have read all the things we offer you as an employer. And now maybe you are even thinking: “Working at Runtastic looks pretty exciting. I want to be a part of the team.”

If so, then it sounds like we have already won you over and look forward to receiving your application.

Welcome home. Let’s change the world.


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