We’re In This Together: Meet The Partners of the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge

During the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge, every active minute counts to help collect 1 million workout hours for our donation relay. Whether you do five chaturangas, 100 pushups, or run a 5k, your effort can help raise money for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in honor of the heroes who are keeping our communities running. 

We are all united in this mission, which is why there is a pretty impressive roster of partner apps you can use to help complete the challenge. Qualifying activities done with Suunto, Polar, Garmin, and Zwift will also count toward our 1 million active hours. You can also contribute using your adidas GMR and Joyrun accounts. 

Find out how to contribute to the challenge using partner accounts / devices below. Don’t miss out on a few of the special offers provided by the #HOMETEAMHERO partners!



All Suunto mobile connected watches can be connected to adidas Running. 

  • Go to your profile in Suunto App
  • Select Connect to other services
  • Select adidas Running
  • Provide your adidas Running credentials to activate the connection
  • Join the Challenge in the adidas Running app 

Now go for a run! The next time you sync your watch with Suunto App, new workouts will automatically flow to adidas Running and count towards the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge.

You can use Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 7, Suunto 9 as well as Spartan and Ambit family products with adidas Running.


If you don’t have a latest Suunto watch you can look at latest deals (up to 60% off) from Suunto.com.


You can also contribute to the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge using your Polar device. To sync activities tracked with your Polar GPS watch directly to the adidas Runtastic apps, be sure to connect your accounts. Here’s how: 

  • Open the adidas Running app
  • Click on the gear icon on the main screen
  • Click “Partner Accounts” 
  • Click “Connect” in the Polar Flow section
  • Join the Challenge in the adidas Running app


If you need a new fitness watch, you can check out the Polar Vantage M! Get 20% off during the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge with the code: POLARHTH (only available in select countries).


Garmin is also partnering with us on the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge. Simply sync your Garmin and adidas Running accounts. When you use your Garmin watch, your workouts will be available in the adidas Running app for further analysis. To sync your accounts and join the challenge: 

  • Open the adidas Running app
  • In your User Profile go to App Setting 
  • Select Partner Accounts 
  • Select Garmin Connect
  • You should then be directed to sign in to your Garmin Account 
  • Join the Challenge in the adidas Running app


Love listening to great tunes during your workouts? Check out the Forerunner 245 Music Garmin Watch now. 


Want to do some activities for the #HOMETEAMHERO Campaign using your Zwift account? Here’s how to connect Zwift with your adidas Running account and join the challenge: 

  1. Log in to the Zwift Companion iOS or Android app
  2. Select the Menu button in the top-left corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Connections
  5. Select Connect under the third-party site you wish to connect and log in
  6. Log in to your third-party account and authorize the connection
  7. Join the Challenge in the adidas Running app 

Still need help? Check out this page for a how-to video.


Zwift will be hosting virtual running and cycling events from June 1 – June 7. Runners who participate will get an adidas T-Shirt and adidas shoes for their avatars.

GMR & Joyrun

Any activities done with GMR or Joyrun will also count toward the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge. While you cannot integrate your accounts directly, any activities you do will play into the total number of hours collected for the challenge. Check out how we’re tracking toward completing the challenge.

A big shout out to our partners above for being part of the #HOMETEAMHERO challenge! Together we are activating a critical mass of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to support our mission and generate donations for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Response Fund. 

Didn’t see your favorite device or fitness app listed above? You can always use your Apple Watch and Android Smartwatch to track your activities. All activities with these devices will be synced with your adidas account and qualifying activities will count toward completion of the #HOMETEAMHERO challenge.


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