5 Runtastic Premium Features That You Absolutely Must Try

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Thinking about upgrading to Runtastic Premium to finally get in shape? I know it may seem like a big commitment, but when you look at everything Runtastic Premium has to offer, you won’t wait much longer.

Good to know:

It’s so much cheaper than a gym membership and includes a wide variety of benefits for all training interests and fitness levels.

Here are the top 5 premium features that you absolutely have to try:

1.  Bodyweight training: the Results app gets you in shape

The Runtastic team really poured its heart and soul into creating this bodyweight training app for you. The Results app not only offers you a customized 12-week training plan, it also has a follow-up plan, countless Standalone Workouts, a comprehensive Health & Nutrition Guide and the Workout Creator, which you can use to put together your own workouts depending on the time you have and the muscles you want to focus on. All these functions are free with the Runtastic Premium membership.

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2. Simply motivating: set a Yearly Running Goal

80 km, 460 km or even more? The great thing about the Yearly Running Goal is that you can decide for yourself how high it should be. You’ll see – it really pushes you to beat your own record!

3. Shoe Tracking: get to know your running shoes

We love this Shoe Tracking feature in the Runtastic app because not only is it helpful, but it’s totally necessary. Why? A lot of people complain of back and knee pain because they haven’t replaced their training or running shoes in years.

How Shoe Tracking works:

All you have to do is enter your current shoe and the Runtastic app will let you know when it’s time for a new pair.



4. Get all the Story Runs

Story Running is one of the coolest and most unique features we offer. You listen to a story in your headphones and it takes you on an interval-running journey without having to even think about it. The natural human sense of urgency is activated by the music and the storyline so you “just know” when to speed up and slow down. You can purchase each Story Run separately if you are not a Premium Member, but Premium Members get all Story Runs for free.

5. Mega motivating: LIVE Tracking & Cheering

Do you know the feeling during a race when the spectators are cheering you on? It’s so incredibly motivating and mind-blowing. The Premium feature LIVE Tracking & Cheering brings this “race vibe” to life. It keeps you focused and going strong.

Young man running in the park.

Get the gear you need to reach your fitness goals.

Good to know:

You can turn LIVE Tracking on (or off) by clicking the Activity Setup button in the Activity tab in your Runtastic app.

These are our top 5 Premium Features but it’s definitely not all Premium membership has to offer. So you should definitely dig a little bit deeper to see which features might be your favorite. Perhaps the Weekly Fitness Report or free Training Plans will be at the top of your list.



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