“What weight or size do I want to reach?” (Manja Week 4)

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Follow Manja’s Runtastic Results journey week by week here on the Runtastic blog. Manja is a mom, wife, works a full-time job and is ready to change her life. We know that her story is a powerful one and we look forward to sharing her journey one workout at a time. Now she’s on to week 4. In case you missed week 3, you can get a full recap here.

Dear Week 4,
I am SO excited! I was shopping this weekend and guess what? I fit in a size 38 (US: 8). I have NEVER fit into a size 38 in my entire adult life. NEVER! So, this is really awesome to me. I also bought a brand new leather jacket I have been wanting, and now I finally fit into it! I know this doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but it is for me. I think it’s a woman thing. I am happy!

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Workout 1: Doing it the hard way!! It’s official, no knee push-ups anymore. Woo hoo! Now that’s something I for sure NEVER thought I would be able to do.  I rocked it – oh yes I did! And what did I do afterwards? I ran an extra 5K – why? Because I can.

Workout 2: Yes, I was right! These workouts are getting tougher. I feel that it is getting harder because my muscles are very sore. I felt it most in my thighs and had a hard time sitting down and standing up from my chair at work today. It makes me laugh – then I feel my abs.

Workout 3: Workout was hard, but good – I liked it! Extra 5K run today as well.

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Workout 4: Great workout but I was totally sweating like a pig! This workout was hard, but short. I’m not sure if things are going to change and longer workouts are to come. But, at the same time, I think it’s good to have shorter workouts in the beginning – especially for people like me. I don’t think I could have committed to 4 days of training if I had to spend hours doing it.

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This new weight and new size made me wonder…what is my goal? What weight or size do I want to reach? But honestly, I don’t know. I have never been at a “normal weight” so I have absolutely no idea. But I have been giving it some thought this week and I guess if I just go on working out and staying active on a regular basis, running, and listening to my body and not eating too much, I will eventually end up at the weight and size that suits me perfectly. I am so thankful and happy that I made this commitment to myself and started this program.



Runtastic Results. Time for a transformation!

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