What You Need to Get in Great Shape with Little Equipment

You don’t necessarily need an expensive gym membership or lots of fitness machines to get in shape. You can start transforming your body right at home using your own body weight. Do you work out a lot? We have put together several tips for you on training and equipment.

The right sports bra
Whether certain pieces of fitness equipment are essential or beneficial is a matter for debate. Training with your own body weight, however, only requires a few simple items: Besides breathable workout clothes, you also need a pair of shoes and some underwear. The right sports bra is a must for women to minimize breast movement. When buying a sports bra, you should make sure that it fits tighter than a normal bra and that it is free of any decorations or frills because these can easily lead to skin irritations. Also, remember that most sports bras are not breathable, so you shouldn’t wear them too long. The best thing is to take your sports bra off right after training and put it in the laundry. Sweat, oils, acids, as well as deodorant and perfume, penetrate deep into the substance of the material. This can cause the microfibers to stick together and the fabric will no longer be able to let the sweat pass through.

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Which shoes are right for your training?
You should also think about what pair of shoes you need: If your training program includes lots of jumping, like jumping jacks or tuck jumps, the right pair of shoes is absolutely essential. What decides which shoes you should wear is the purpose and frequency of your strength training. In general, your usual running shoes will do for a start – but if weight training starts to become a more frequent part of your training plan, you should choose a shoe that meets the special requirements and the goals you want to achieve with the standalone exercises. For instance, a more dynamic and direct running shoe is surely more suitable for reactive jumping exercises than a running shoe that defeats the purpose of the exercise through its soft cushioning. CrossFit or general fitness shoes could also be interesting for your training. Ultimately, your choice of shoe should be guided by the frequency of your workouts, your personal goals, and the demands of the exercises.

It comes down to the mat
To avoid sores on your knees and arms, you should exercise on a fitness mat. While there is a wide range to choose from, the main thing is to make sure that the mat is non-slip and that the surface is washable. The mats also come in different thicknesses. If you are prone to back pain, you should choose a back-friendly and somewhat thicker mat.

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I like what you did with your hair
Those who train hard, sweat a lot. While sweaty muscles might look sexy to some people, sweaty hair is a unanimous no-go. But you don’t always have to plan a trip to the hair salon to get the look you want. Wearing a loose hairstyle when you exercise, for instance, allows the heat to escape better and the sweat on your scalp to evaporate faster. A trendy headband not only peps up your hairdo, but it also absorbs sweat. After exercising, make sure to dry your hair with a hand towel or blow dry it on cold – a hot hairdryer just makes you sweat more. Some dry shampoo can also help you go a day without washing your hair while still looking amazing.

Have you already found the perfect workout outfit? What’s your favorite workout hairstyle? We can’t wait to hear your comments.

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