Wings For Life World Run: FREE Story Run Now Available!

Runtastic Story Running

Runtastic Story Running is the perfect motivation for runners who are looking for something more… For those who are looking to boost their motivation and push past their natural boundaries, while escaping from reality – if only for a few precious moments.

Story Running was originally introduced in Fall 2013 and we’re proud to introduce you to the latest Story Running offering today! In collaboration with Red Bull Media House, Runtastic has developed the “Wings for Life World Run” Story Run, the first Story Run in the new Inspiration genre and the first-ever FREE Story Run! Why, you might ask? Because it’s for a great cause and we want all Runtastics to have the chance to discover the incredible story behind the Wings for Life Foundation and their upcoming, international running event! That’s right, make sure you mark May 4th on you calendar right this minute!

The WFLWR Story Run takes you through the experience of starting a Wings for Life World Run, all the while sharing the story of the creation and evolution of the Wings for Life Foundation. Not familiar with the foundation and their philanthropic work? Then listen in and learn more! The core mission of the foundation is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. It’s as simple as that. We encourage runners, joggers and walkers (yes, all of you – no excuses!) around the world to enjoy the Story Run during their next Runtastic activity. Allow yourself to be inspired to join the World Run on May 4th (you have 35 locations to choose from!) or perhaps offer a donation to this outstanding foundation.

Get immersed in another world & run for a great cause with Wings for Life! We’re proud to introduce this brand-new, free Story Run to our loyal users and we hope it will inspire you to get out there and RUN FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T.

Download your FREE Story Run here:

To sign up for the WFLWR, visit:


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