Workout of the Month: Get Fit While Spending Time with the Kids

Did you know that 69% of individuals state “lack of time” as their biggest barrier for not working out? In addition, 23% say that lack of childcare prevents them from taking the time to go work out. Well, we’ve got you covered because this workout of the month will help with BOTH of those obstacles. For a lot of parents, their children’s needs come before their own and that often means skipping a workout in order to take the kids to do something fun – like to the park to play on the playground, perhaps.

Hey parents, instead of just sitting on the bench reading a book or monitoring the fun – join in! Run around and play with the kids a bit, get involved in a game of tag, or try this really fun and effective workout from Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden. Maybe your kids will also want to join in when they see you “playing” on the playground as well. Or, perhaps you have a friend with children and the two of you can get the kids together for a playdate and sneak in a workout at the same time, what do you say?

Did you try this playground workout? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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