Indoors or Outdoors — 5 Exercise Variations for Anytime & Anywhere

A man doing a wall sit

Usually when people hear the words workout and training, they think “gym”. You’ve got all the equipment there, plus mats to stretch on. The greatest advantage is that you aren’t dependent on the right weather. One downside might be that it’s hard to get there. If you don’t schedule your workout right after the workday and you go home first, there’s a good chance you’ll blow it off entirely. The common excuse, “I can’t workout, the gym is too far away,” is an easy one. But wait — there’s good news: 

You can workout anywhere! 

Most exercises don’t require any equipment from a gym. You can workout using your own bodyweight and don’t need any free weights or dumbells either. There are plenty of alternatives and it’s easy to come up with variations of your favorites. 

A man doing a Russian Twist on a bench outside

We’ve put together 5 exercises for you to do inside or out, and we’ll explain how you can vary them to adapt them to your circumstances.  

Exercise 1: Squat to High Knee 

Squats are an effective exercise to target all the muscles in your lower body. You can also lift one leg up behind you, bent at the knee, and work on your balance. You think squats are boring? They don’t have to be! Just add some variety to make it more fun. Like the Squat to High Knee variation, for example: you can do it outside or inside, and if you want to push yourself more, you can step up onto a raised surface

Exercise variation:

Want to do this exercise outside and spice it up? Step up onto a park bench with one foot, pull the other leg up, and then step back down into a squat.

Exercise 2: Quick Feet 

In this exercise you run in place as fast as you can. Your feet shouldn’t lift off the ground much. You’ll have more space for this exercise outdoors, and you can run forwards or backwards instead of in place. You can also integrate Quick Feet into your running training. 

Exercise variation:

If you want to integrate this exercise into your running training, do 20 seconds of Quick Feet followed by 80 meters of running. This is an easy way to combine drills with endurance training

Exercise 3: High Side Plank Leg Lift Right & Left 

The high side plank works your core, stability, and improves the overall tension in your body. In order to make this exercise more effective, lift and lower your top leg. Make sure that your legs and upper body form a straight line and that you keep your core tight. Switch sides after a few reps. Push-ups and planks both have a lot of potential for creativity

Exercise variation:

One variation of this exercise is to place your arms or legs on a park bench or other raised surface so you’re at an angle, depending on how much of a challenge you are looking for.

Exercise 4: Marching Wall Sit 

You can use a wall inside or outside. Slide down the wall into a sitting position and march your legs up and down, pulling your knees up toward your chest. 

Exercise variation:

Try this exercise while leaning against a column. This way you will also strengthen your balance.

Exercise 5: Russian Twist 

Sit on the floor and lean your upper body backward slightly, while keeping your back straight. Your abs should be tight. Now rotate your upper body from one side to the other. In the standard version your feet are planted on the floor. If you want to make this more challenging, lift your legs from the floor. This works your core even more. Make sure that you keep your back straight when you turn from side to side. You can do the Russian Twist anywhere — on a mat, the grass, or other surface. 

Exercise variation:

You can also integrate weights into the Russian Twist, like dumbells, a full water bottle, or a rock that you can hold comfortably. Get creative.

Do you want to try out more bodyweight exercises in different locations? With the bodyweight exercises in the adidas Training app you’ll find enough ways to let your creative juices flow. 


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