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You’re running with the Runtastic app, bodyweight training with the Results app, working on your sexy abs with the Six Pack app…but where can you see it all? is the place where all your hard work is aggregated and becomes meaningful for you. No matter which one (or more) of the Runtastic apps you use, all your hard work is combined into your very own fitness diary on You can look back and see how much you’ve improved and connect with fitness-minded friends in our worldwide community.

Are you seeing amazing results with all of our incredible apps? Then keep on doing what you’re doing – you’ve got hundreds of millions of Runtastic users on your team. It’s because of all of your awesome questions and feedback that we are able to make improvements and create the perfect app experience for you!

We’ve noticed that a lot of our users ask similar questions when it comes to, so we’ve put together the top 6 FAQs to tackle for you today.

1. My settings are private, why can users who are not my friends still see my LIVE activities and send me LIVE Cheers?
If you have not enabled LIVE Tracking, you will be asked if you want to go LIVE only after the first activity. If you have enabled LIVE Tracking, your activity will automatically go LIVE when you start it. If you don’t want your activity to be public, don’t go LIVE. When you enable LIVE Tracking, it’s similar to running a “public race” you’ve signed up for. You can’t control who is watching you run or who is on the sidelines cheering you on – same goes for LIVE Tracking.

You can turn off LIVE Cheering within the app (Dashboard – Settings – LIVE Tracking), but this will not prevent people from seeing your activity live, they just won’t have the option to cheer you on.

2. Where can I find info about my Yearly Running Goal?
This is the perfect question for this time of year. Are you on track towards reaching your Yearly Running Goal?

You’ve set your Yearly Running Goal within your Runtastic app and now you want to check out your stats on the web? When you are logged in on, you can find your standing on your Yearly Running Goal on the left side of the screen, below the navigation bar.

Screenshot - Yearly running goal on

3. Where can I find the Training Plans on
Log in on and then click on “Training” in the menu bar at the top. Within this section you can find all of our Training Plans for running. We offer a wide variety for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and more! Additionally, you can find the Running ABC videos which are only available for Premium Members. It’s important to note that Premium Members have access to all of our Training Plans (including the 12-week customized bodyweight training plan in the Results app) for free!

4. Where can I find the Leaderboard stats on And why is it only for running?
The Leaderboard can be found the left side of the screen, below the navigation bar and the Yearly Running Goal.

Screenshot - leaderboard on

At this time, we have only included a leaderboard for running. This includes your outdoor runs (tracked or manual entries) and manually-entered treadmill runs. You will also notice that there are two additional Leaderboards for Steps and Active Minutes. The stats for the Steps Leaderboard comes from the Steps app and Active Minutes is an aggregation of all activities done with Runtastic (including the time spent working out and moving quickly while tracking your steps with the Steps app). Competing on the Active Minutes Leaderboard gives an opportunity for users to compete who are super active but don’t like to run very much or very far.

5. Why aren’t my statistics from the Steps app directly available on
Your Steps and Active Minutes are stored on, but they are not shown as additional activity on the web. 

6. Where can I find my records?
You can find information about your personal records on the left side of the screen on below your monthly statistics.

Screenshot - records in

When you click on “View all records”, you will see all of your well-earned records plus all the activity types that you can set records for (cycling, running, walking and more!). Ready to beat your personal best?

Do you have any other questions about or any of our other apps? If you do, please contact our Help Center.



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