Your FAQs About The Runtastic Butt Trainer App Answered

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We’ve asked our Support Team to share your most frequently asked questions with us. This month, we’ll provide answers to your FAQ about the Butt Trainer app to help you enjoy your workouts and make the most of it.

“How do I get the full version?”

Well, that’s different for Android and iOS. Android users just have to click on the little lock in the upper right part of the screen. A Google Play Store window will open, where you can purchase the full version. iOS users have to open the “Settings” in the menu on the left, then tap on “Get full version.” On the next screen, the benefits of the full version are displayed. Click on the green button below to enjoy all additional advantages of the full version.

“What’s the difference between the free and the full version?”

It’s easy to determine whether or not you have the full version: If you don’t see any ads on the home screen, you’ve already purchased the full version. In this case, you have access to three different workout levels. You can create custom trainings that fit your personal needs. Plus, you’ll get our “Tips of the Day” to stay motivated. Do you want to train a certain muscle group? Easy! The full version allows you to focus on different muscle groups by filtering the exercises according to different parts of your gluteal muscles. Of course, the full version also equals unlimited access to all exercises, workouts and instructional videos.

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“I deleted the app – how can I restore the full version?”

If you already have the full version, just open the “Settings” then “Runtastic” and tap on “Restore in-app purchases” and all workouts will immediately be available again. On Android phones, the app should automatically recognize if you have already purchased the full version at an earlier date. If not, click on the little lock symbol in the upper bar. Then, a message confirming that you already bought the full version should appear. Afterwards, the lock will disappear.

“Can I sync my Butt Trainer data with MyFitnessPal?”

Sure! Go to the “Settings” then “Partner accounts” and connect to your MyFitnessPal account.

“I want to measure my heart rate during the workouts – how does that work?”

Currently, heart rate tracking works both in the lite and the full version on iOS. Connect your heart rate monitor via Bluetooth directly in the app to track your heart rate. On you’ll find all data and stats for further analysis.

“Can I work out in front of my TV or computer screen?”

Yes, iOS users can do so via Airplay. If you have a compatible TV or computer screen (Mac), you can connect your iPhone via Airplay and watch the training videos there. Cool, right?

Looking for further workouts for a toned backside? Try one of our motivating videos with Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden on the Fitness Channel:

Any other questions regarding our Butt Trainer app? Please contact our Support Team – they’re happy to help!



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