Your Runtastic Community: Friends + Fitness = More Fun

You can always count on real friends, you share special moments with them and master challenges together. Have you already added your real-life friends on or directly in your Runtastic app? You should! Connect with friends and benefit from the advantages of an awesome community.


Friends are vital for your fitness & health
Who doesn’t want to follow a healthy lifestyle? Exactly. However, living a healthy life is not just based on nutrition and fitness tips, but also depends on your social contacts. Researchers found that our social life has an impact on our health, too. People without friends to talk to get sick more often and are unhappier than those who can count on a circle of friends. Being in a bad mood and pessimistic more often increases the likelihood of suffering from chronic diseases. So, how can we be happier? Fitness and friends are the perfect mix to boost your health!

The benefits of adding your friends on

Your friends will push you!
I’m sure you know the feeling when you just can’t find the necessary motivation to work out. Well, your friends can really help you avoid or master those phases of lack of motivation. Whether it’s before, during or after a Runtastic activity, your friends are there for you. Live cheers and motivating comments can work wonders.

You’re not alone
Even when you’re out running alone, your friends can follow you live on a map. Sprinting up a steep hill? Rely on messages from your friends to cheer you up that hill. Next time, follow your supporters when on the road and give back by cheering them on, too. This way, both of you will be pushed to give your best.

Share your passion
Running is your passion and your friends’ too? Check out their most recent activities, get inspiration for new routes or comment on others’ activities. One of your buddies made some real progress? Congratulate them with a Like and motivate them to keep giving everything!

Stay in contact!
Living in the 21st century requires flexibility. Oftentimes, people not only switch cities, but even continents for the perfect job. Sadly, they have to leave their friends behind. Good thing there’s online communities to keep in touch! You can even form virtual running groups with your buddies and watch their route and pace when out for a run, be it in Paris, New York or Shanghai.

Challenge each other!
Just running for the sake of running bores you? Need some motivation to really push your limits? Then check out the Running Leaderboard! This feature shows you your current week’s or month’s mileage at one glance while ranking you among your friends. Head out for a run to improve your ranking – or add and challenge new friends for some friendly competition to see who can reach that top spot.

Sharing is caring – and healthy, too
It’s pretty hard to stop eating chocolate or start running overnight. By exchanging opinions and sharing experiences on certain topics (like health) with your friends, you’ll approach your resolutions with a stronger willpower. Scientifically proven!

So, what are you waiting for? Friends within the Runtastic community motivate, inspire and make fitness more fun!



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