Get More Out Of The Adidas Running App: The Benefits of Fitness with In-App Followers

You can always count on the people in your lifeyou share special moments with them and master challenges together. But have you tried connecting with your friends or fellow runners directly in your adidas Running app yet? It’s the perfect motivation booster!

Connecting with athletes…

…offers great social benefits and also helps you be part of an active and engaging community. Besides, some of our coolest features like leaderboards or groups only work if you are following people in the adidas Running app!

Followers Are Vital For Your Fitness & Health

There’s so much more to a healthy lifestyle than just nutrition and working out. The social element is important, too! Researchers have found that our social life can have a significant impact on our health:(1) People without friends get sick more often and are unhappier than those who have people they can rely on and talk to. Even virtually, fitness and social connections complement each other to improve your health!

Two women during a workout laughing together and supporting each other

Managing and following people in the adidas Running app:

Following people and accepting followers is quick and easy with the adidas Running app. Tap “Community” on the tab bar and tap “Followers and Following”. As soon as you are on the “Connections” screen, you can see your current follower and people you follow. You can also search for people and accept or decline friend requests. You can also search by email address if you’re struggling to find someone by name. Are your friends having trouble finding you? 

You can share a link directly to your profile so they can find you easily!

The Benefits of Followers in the adidas Running App

Your Connections Will Motivate You

It can be tough when you can’t get motivated to put your gym clothes on and work out. Fortunately, your online community can give you some helpful encouragement when things get rough. Whether it’s sending likes and comments to congratulate you or cheering you on mid-workout, your followers are there to keep you motivated and on the right track.

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You Don’t Have To Do It Alone With Live Tracking

Even when you’re out for a run on your own, your followers can catch up with you in real time when you activate LIVE Tracking in the adidas Running app. Your connections can also support you as they follow you with the “Cheering” feature: Sprinting up a steep hill? Let your followers choose from numerous different cheers to send you through your headphones as if they were right there with you! Follow people back and next time they’re on a run, show them some love by cheering them on, too. You can virtually support each other to do your best!

Share Your Passion

They say “sharing is caring,” so let your followers know how you felt during your workout. With image sharing, you can upload and send a background, route map, or personal picture directly via social media to show your friends what you’re up to and encourage them to stay active as well. You can even add a personal touch and acknowledge their support with a celebratory sweaty selfie!


Keep in touch

Living in the 21st century requires flexibility. People often move all around the world for their ideal jobs. Sadly, this can mean leaving their friends and running partners behind. Luckily you can stay in touch with the “Groups and Communities” available in the adidas Running app: Form virtual running groups around the globe  and try to beat each other’s times! Want to expand your social circle and take on the elite? Join adidas Runners, an international community for those of you who want an ever bigger challenge!

Challenge Each Other

Just running for the sake of running can easily become tiresome. Need something more to motivate you to really push your limits? Check out the “Leaderboard” feature! Here you’ll be able to keep track of your weekly or monthly mileage and see how you rank compared to people you follow. Are you already at the top of the list? Then try adding and challenging new followers for some friendly competition!

Be a Part of a Community with Challenges

Whether you want to rack up miles for a cause like International Women’s Day or PRIDE or simply motivate your followers to work out, challenges are a great way to stay active while enjoying the team spirit of a community.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your fitness journey by becoming a part of the adidas Runtastic community: Together you can motivate, inspire, and make fitness more fun!


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