Our vision: Through sport, we have the power to change lives. Runtastic.

Embrace flexibility & constant change

The industry we work in is characterized by constant change and development. In order to succeed, we must adapt quickly to a variety of situations. We love to be flexible and to pursue many opportunities.

Balance big picture thinking and detail-oriented action

We take a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, think globally and customize for local use. We focus on individual tasks & customers but have a common understanding that the sky’s the limit.

Creator Cave

Be a strong part of the Runtastic Team

At Runtastic we have a high appreciation for those who are helpful, cooperative, culturally aware and respectful. Only together can we reach our goals!

Pursue customer satisfaction

This is one of our key components for success, and that’s why we try to see the world, as well as our own portfolio, through our customers’ eyes.

Confirm your intuition with data

We are taking care of our users’ data and providing them with the best possible insights and recommendations for their fitness and health. Therefore, we have to think analytically and make decisions based on both data and intuition.

Strive for excellence

Always give your personal best in everything you do. You can always improve and learn something new. Never stop striving to become better.