Runtastic Mountain Bike

Runtastic Mountain Bike gives you the ability to reliably track your off-road rides on your smartphone. The integration sensor lets you monitor your heart rate, cadence, and speed to get more precise tracking and analysis of your mountain biking.


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In 2011, Swiss rider Claude Balsiger set the world record for altitude reached by mountain biking. He reached a summit in the Himalayas at 20,259 feet above sea level and did the whole trek without getting off his bike even once.

With the special technology of the Runtastic Mountain Bike app you can determine the exact elevation of your ride. In addition, other important metrics such as duration, distance and calories are recorded; so that you will always keep a perfect overview of your activity. Are you worried about weather affecting your ride? No problem, the Runtastic Mountain Bike app won't guarantee you good weather, but you can check the app for information about current weather and wind conditions. Then after your ride all the information is stored in your smartphone and on the Runtastic website.

That‘s perseverance! Would you like to know how many feet you can climb?

Mountain biking is not a sport that is practiced just to improve fitness. On mountain bike rides you will experience nature in an amazing way. With the combination of exercise, fresh air and beautiful surroundings, you can easily forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

So relax with a mountain bike ride and find the perfect balance for everyday life!

Do you want to share good times with your friends and family? No problem, the Geotagging feature of the Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO app makes it possible. Take pictures of the best moments of your ride and share them LIVE with your friends and family on the Runtastic fitness site. Can’t find your way? Download maps in advance of your ride to your smartphone so that you won't get lost even if you find yourself in areas without mobile coverage.

Jump on your bike and explore nature - with Runtastic Mountain Bike.

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Features of Runtastic Mountain Bike

    iPhone   Android
GPS Tracking
Measurement of Distance, Duration, Speed, Pace, Calories Burned
Map View
Charts (Speed | Elevation | Heart Rate)  
Training History
Split Table
Social Sharing
(Runtastic | Facebook | Twitter | G+ | Email)
Manually Add Activities
Synchronize Activities
Metric & Imperial Units
Multi-User Capability
Maps (OSM, OCM, Google)
Fullscreen Map
Voice Coach  
LIVE Tracking
Heart Rate Monitoring
Rate of Climb and Grade (%)
Duration & Distance of Uphill, Flat, Downhill
Integrated Music Player
Offline Maps
Dynamic Distance Split Table
Configurable Dashboard
Speed & Cadence Sensor
Auto Pause*
Heart Rate Zones Graph
Cadence Zones Graph
Only in Runtastic PRO
Not available
* Only works in conjunction with Speed and Cadence Sensors

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