Runtastic Pedometer

Runtastic Pedometer keeps track of every step you take and lets you see whether you reach 10,000 steps/day as recommended. Besides the steps taken this app provides several other metrics such as distance, time, calorie consumption and step rate.

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25,000 steps a day is the average amount that a waitress takes during the Munich Oktoberfest. People working in offices only take about 3,000 steps a day.

The Runtastic Pedometer will assist you. All you need is a smartphone and the app‘s on-board acceleration sensor will track your steps. Distance and elapsed time during your activities are clearly shown, thanks to a clever, built-in algorithm. It doesn’t matter if your phone is in your pants or your jacket, it will track all your steps.

Curious to know if you are fit for Oktoberfest?

10,000 steps is the recommended daily amount to maintain good health.

How much do you do? Track your progress with Runtastic Pedometer.

The Runtastic Pedometer PRO counts calories and step-frequency, will help motivate you to achieve your goals. So, there you have it – no excuses left. Go take your first step into a healthier future – with the Runtastic Pedometer.

Oh, and by the way, the waitresses at Oktoberfest can carry up to 10 large mugs of beer that’s over 50 lbs…

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