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Runtastic Wintersports is your perfect partner for all kinds of wintersports. Stay fit during the coldest time of the year and trust Runtastic to help you keep off those pesky holiday pounds!

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The world record-speed on a sled is 96 mph, on a snowboard 125 mph and on skis 156 mph.

Find out if you can match these speeds! Whether you are on a sled, downhill or cross-country skis, Runtastic Wintersports will let you know. In addition to your speed, the app tracks other relevant metrics such as distance, calories and time. Through GPS the app records your route and data, which you can view directly on your smartphone.

That‘s quite fast, don‘t you think?

Cross-country skiing is a great way to burn calories. It is more than 30% more efficient than downhill skiing.

How much do you do? Track your progress with Runtastic Wintersports.

Get your fat burn going and use the Runtastic Wintersports PRO for your personal training. Let the integrated voice feedback inform you on your training data and improve your results. Need music to really get you going? No problem, we provide an integrated music player.

Don’t hibernate – use Runtastic Wintersports.

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