Corporate Values

At Runtastic, we’re a talented and internationally diverse team that shares one vision. We want to invite you to take a glance inside our world. Find out what’s important to us, what keeps us focused & strong and where our heart is. The values we have represent our corporate culture, our company character and what we stand for overall. We’re eager to share them with you, as we’re sure they’ll help you further connect with us and help you imagine yourself as a member of the Runtastic family!

Be a strong part of the Runtastic Team

At Runtastic we have a high appreciation for those who are helpful, cooperative, culturally aware and respectful. Only together can we reach our goals!

“Be a strong part of the Runtastic team means to me, that you go to work with a smile and go home with a smile. The spirit of the team is everywhere and you can feel it at anytime in whatever you do. It's so motivating to work with so many different people and have the freedom to create great things.”

Stefanie, Brand Designer

Be proactive and take initiative

If we see a problem, we don’t complain, we just fix it. It’s important to think in solutions, not in problems and always keep in mind that every input is welcome!

"Problems never solve themselves. Ideas never turn into products on their own. Unless somebody takes the initiative and starts working, progress will not happen. It doesn't have to be a step in the right direction. Mistakes are inevitable and they are the best way we can learn."

Bassem, Software Engineer Android

Pursue customer satisfaction

This is one of our key components for success and that’s why we try to see the world, as well as our own ecosystem, through our customers’ eyes.

“Pursuing customer satisfaction I would split in two important parts. First, learn who our customers are, what they do, what they like and what they don’t. Try this way to pursue their satisfaction proactively. And second, whenever the first fails, listen to what your customers have to say and try to react to their needs or concerns, when feasible of course. Constantly communicating with your customers and getting valuable feedback is fundamental to improving the quality of your products.” 

Stanislav, Software Engineer iOS

Embrace flexibility & constant change

The industry we work in is characterized by constant change and development. In order to succeed, we must adapt quickly to a variety of situations. We love to be flexible and to pursue many opportunities.

“The mobile app world is developing extremely fast - quick decision making is essential to stay on top of new developments. One-of-a-kind opportunities with other big market players might pop up and require a high amount of flexibility in our daily work routine. Our translators - and basically the entire Runtastic team - are ready to readjust their plans at any time to seize a great opportunity or help others out. Working with such an adaptive & responsive team is highly inspiring!” 

Kerstin, Head of Communications

Confirm your intuition with data

We are taking care of our users’ data and provide them with the best possible insights and recommendations for their fitness and health. Therefore, we have to think analytically and make decisions based on both data and intuition.

“Data-driven decisions help us to optimize the user experience. Analyzing the behavior of our customers enables us to identify patterns and root causes in their usage of our products. As a result ,we work on different solutions to fulfill our users needs.” 

Kathrin, Head of Web Development

Balance big picture thinking and detail-oriented action 

We have a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, we think globally and customize for local use. We focus on individual tasks & customers, but have a common understanding that the sky's the limit.

“I usually try to first create a vision of the essential pieces that define an awesome user experience. Having a shared understanding of where you want go helps keep everything and everyone in context while building the individual parts of the experience.”

Reinhard, Project Manager Growth

Strive for excellence

Always give your personal best in everything you do. You can always improve and learn something new. Never stop striving to become better.

“In our development team, we use peer code reviews to improve the quality and stability of our software products as well as to learn from each other and enhance our individual skills. Two eyes might be good, but more eyes ensure an excellent code quality - and that’s what we wanna have.

Robert, Product Manager