Facts about Runtastic

Our Company

Founded in 2009, our Austrian-based company located in Linz, is well known for our flagship Runtastic app which effortlessly tracks your fitness activities. In addition, we also offer a variety of health & fitness apps, proprietary hardware, expert-developed training plans, Story Runs and music mixes. Our young, motivated team stays focused on this clear vision: We want every individual to live a more aware and active lifestyle with Runtastic, leading to a longer, happier life. The company itself has grown rapidly and, at just 7 years old, we have 190 employees from over 31 nations - something we are really proud of. With over 205 million app downloads and 105 million registered users at Runtastic.com, Runtastic is a leader in the digital health and fitness space and provides a comprehensive portfolio for tracking and managing health and fitness data. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them become more aware of their current daily habits and improve their overall life.

Our Portfolio

Runtastic offers over 15 unique apps, including the flagship Runtastic app, Runtastic ResultsRuntastic Me, Six Pack, Sleep Better, strength & fitness apps, and more, which work in unison with the company’s proprietary hardware, including the Runtastic Orbit, Runtastic Moment, the Libra Smartscale and Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. Our products and services provide high-quality activity stats and progress reports so users can boost lifestyle awareness and improve their overall health and fitness. Data syncs to Runtastic.com, where users can view online training logs, access detailed data analysis, engage with a supportive community and access additional services.

Runtastic apps, Training Plans, Story Runs and Music Compilations are available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, and hardware can be purchased online at Runtastic.com/shop, on Amazon.com and in select retailers worldwide.

Additional information about our portfolio can be found on Runtastic.com or you can follow us on TwitterFacebookGoogle+InstagramYouTube and on the Runtastic Blog.

Our Locations

Our headquarters is located in Linz, Austria. In addition, we have offices in Vienna and Salzburg (Austria).

For a behind-the-scenes look at our Linz office, click here.

Our Founders

René Giretzlehner (Head of Data Engineering), Florian Gschwandtner (CEO), Christian Kaar (CTO), Alfred Luger (CFO).

For more details click here: runtastic.com/mediacenter

Our Original Concept

The initial idea was born during a university project, where two of our founders worked on tracking sailboats during races. As the target group was too small, the founders decided to focus on a mass market with more popular activities, such as: running, biking, and walking. After tinkering with a few ideas, they came up with Runtastic. And, that’s how it all started in the fall of 2009!