Living in Austria

Linz, Austria, home to Runtastic headquarters and the European Capital of Culture 2009, offers a wide variety of entertainment and amazing beauty which makes it the ideal location in central Europe. Linz is the 3rd biggest city in Austria (in regards to population) and the Capital of Upper Austria. Whether you are thinking about relocating to Linz, or are just planning a visit, here are our top 5 picks of this dynamic city.


The Danube River

This vast and stunning river runs right through the city center. Whether you want to go for a run, bike ride, walk, play some beach volleyball or badminton or just want to relax on a blanket with friends, the Danube is the perfect setting. If you’re into watersports, stand up paddle boarding, rowing & water skiing are always options. Linz is a top stop for many river cruiselines traveling the Danube and the view is breathtaking. You can see three iconic bridges plus the Ars Electronica Center & the Lentos Art Museum colorfully lit up each evening.

The Pöstlingberg  

The miraculous beauty of the Wallfahrtsbasilika is an emblem of the city. You can easily reach this location by car or via Pöstlingbergbahn, the mountain railway that connects the main city square to the top of the mountain. While you’re visiting, you can also check out the Linz Zoo and the enchanting fairy tale world of Grottenbahn. Additionally, the view from the top is absolutely incredible - a spot the whole family is sure to enjoy.

The Linzer Torte 

This delectable treat, considered the oldest known cake in the world, is at the heart of the dessert culture in Linz. Who invented it? Well, it’s still a mystery who may have been the first person to make it but it’s no mystery that it’s absolutely delicious. In fact, because locals and many visitors want to share this sweet treat with their friends and family, many bakeries offer a small, travel-safe cake in order to pack in luggage or send to a loved one abroad.

Location, location, location

Linz is at the heart of central Europe and you can easily travel, within 1-4 hours, to popular cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague & more. There is an airport, but Linz is also very close to the airports in Salzburg and Vienna. Weekend getaways to Hallstatt and Schladming are always an easy and beautiful option, as well as spontaneous day trips to Attersee, Traunsee, Wolfgangsee and many other beautiful lakes.

Other Runtastic locations

Slowly but steadily, Runtastic is taking over other vibrant cities of Austria.

We are a small, but ever growing team in Vienna, with currently about 28 team members. The office is currently being expanded in order to give even more Runtastics the chance to live in and work from Austria’s beautiful capital. Our Viennese Runtastics enjoy the perks of the central location right next to the Naschmarkt: great lunch opportunities, breaks at the Museumsquartier and shopping in the Mariahilfer Straße.

Our office in Salzburg is home to mainly backend developers who enjoy the calm atmosphere in the office, located in Salzburg’s Technology Park. Lunch opportunities are also great in Salzburg, with a canteen and supermarkets nearby.

As Linz is only a stone’s throw away, the employees in Vienna and Salzburg are still fully integrated in the team and benefit from all the perks, event offers and leisure activities that make Runtastic one of the best places to work for.