About Florian Gschwandtner

In addition to his role as CEO/CPO, Florian co-founded Runtastic at the age of 26. After his second Master's degree and a few months as a "regular employee," he decided to go in a new direction and start his own business. At this point, it is easy to say that this decision, which carried a great deal of opportunity and risk, was the right decision.

Florian is responsible for most of the ideas and concepts behind the ever-growing suite of exciting Runtastic products and services. He is also the public face of the company and can often be seen at industry events, conferences, and expos. He loves to interact with the crowd and share his enthusiasm for fitness!


About Alfred Luger

Alfred is CFO and co-founder of Runtastic. He studied Economics and is the only founder without a technical background. In addition to managing the company finances, he is also responsible for HR topics and organizational development at Runtastic. During recent years, he discovered his passion for running and can now look back on several half and full marathons. Alfred’s example perfectly illustrates the motivational power of Runtastic.


About Christian Kaar

Christian is also a member of the founding team and acts as CTO at Runtastic.

Christian personifies the perfect mix between a true technician and a relaxed, funny guy. No matter how many troubles or stressful situations seem to be swirling around him, he always has the right answers and a calm, clear vision of what must come next. In addition to his passion for Runtastic, Christian loves to play soccer and eat a lot of dessert!