Major App Update Boosts Convenience and Motivation

Linz, Austria | Published on: 30.06.2016


Today Runtastic – a leader in the digital health and fitness space that offers a comprehensive ecosystem of apps, products and services for tracking and managing health and fitness data – announced the next major update of its industry-leading bodyweight training app, Runtastic Results. Notable additions include Apple TV integration, Chromecast integration and the new motivational Progress Pics feature.

“Results has always been a top-of-class app that motivates and allo  and Co-Founder. “Our latest features bring the app experience directly to your home entertainment system - and who doesn’t love a classic before & after photo side-by-side to see results and maybe even show off a bit?”

Results Takes Over Your TV

Results users are a diverse bunch and, therefore, creating a variety of engaging use cases is a top app priority. Apple TV and Chromecast (for Android users) integrations offer a high-quality, convenient TV experience for viewing and completing bodyweight training workouts from the comfort of home. Furthermore, full HD video quality ensures an unparalleled visual experience.

For those that doubt the relevance of such innovation, it must be noted that bodyweight training is the top training method of 2016 and recent studies show that 73 percent of Americans work out at home at least once per week - or more. Exercisers also state that such convenient exercise technologies are especially valued during inclement weather and that the Runtastic Results product is truly a standout, due to its perfect compatibility with a user’s mobile Results experience and account.

New Features to Boost Motivation

Further, in order to deliver top motivation and support to Results users, Runtastic has introduced the Progress Pics feature. The feature allows users to take photos within the app at the beginning and end of their personalized training plan in order to monitor their progress (and share, if they’d like).

“This past year, we’ve seen the importance of images, video and sharing capabilities sky rocket,” said Gschwandtner. “We’re confident that with Progress Pics, users will be continually inspired by tracking their visual progress and will love sharing their results with family and friends.”

About Runtastic

Founded in 2009, Runtastic has rapidly grown into an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness. In August 2015, the company was acquired by the adidas Group.

With more than 170 million downloads and 85 million registered users on, Runtastic’s mobile applications sync directly with proprietary hardware to track distance, speed, pace, duration, heart rate, calorie consumption and route traveled (via maps) when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities. The results can then be viewed directly within the app, via Runtastic GPS devices or on, where users can view their online training log, get detailed data analysis and compare with others. Whether you are a novice or an athlete, Runtastic makes exercise easy and fun. Additional information can be found at or you can follow us on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on the Runtastic blog.

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