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Whether you're a runner, gym rat or someone looking to just get started - bodyweight training is your key to dropping unwanted weight, building strength and defining your muscles like never before.
Get Runtastic Results and utilize your 12-week, customized training plan and Health & Nutrition Guide to look and feel better than ever.
What are you waiting for?
A healthy, more confident you is within your reach!
This could be you.
- 10.4%
"I've learned that you can achieve so much more than you would ever expect just by not giving up and sticking with it. No matter how many times you fall down, always get back up and you're good!"
René G.
Co-founder of Runtastic
Runtastic Results
Your Total-Body Transformation
Your Customized Plan
12-week personalized training plan based on your fitness level to get you fit and confident.
Health & Nutrition Guide
Get week-by-week tips on healthy eating, sleep & more in order to maximize your results.
180+ HD Exercise Videos
Step-by-step instructions on how to complete each and every exercise in your plan.
Standalone Workouts
Individual workouts you can do anytime. Set personal records and challenge your friends!
More Success Stories
- 13 kg
"The 12-week training plan was the step into a new life.
I've lost 11 kg and feel so confident now."
Patricia S.
+ 6 kg
"I am so much fitter and stronger than before.
Now I can do 70 push-ups in a row."
Franz T.
Now's the time to change your body & life forever.
Let's make this easy.
Give us 12 weeks & we’ll help you discover a new you.
These workouts require no equipment, no gym membership & can be done anytime, anywhere.
You're never alone! The Runtastic Community has your back - lean on us for motivation, support & inspiration.
Powerful, quick and intense workouts - developed by experts, designed to transform your entire body.


Commit to yourself. Today.
No matter if your goal is to...
Lose Weight
Burn Fat
Build Muscle
Boost Endurance
Improve Confidence
Results is your key to transformation & success!
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