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Training Plans & goals

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What are Training Plans?

Training Plans help you to professionally prepare yourself for a sports goal. The workouts are developed by experts and are specifically designed to continuously improve your performance.

Take advantage of these plans with Runtastic, where you can track, analyze and manage your training success.

Live Voice Coach integrated!

How it works


Enable a Training Plan

Your selected Training Plan will be synchronized with your smartphone.


Pursue your goals

Your smartphone is your coach. The active voice coach will support you during your training. Also use the Runtastic portal to track your training development.


Share your achievements

Reach your training goals and share them on Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Get more motivation with Live Tracking with your friends’ cheers.

Choose a Training Plan now
Runtastic Fitness Trainers
Lunden Souza and Dieter Baumann

No (Training) Plan?

With Runtastic, along with Lunden and Dieter’s Training Plans, you’re sure to reach your training fitness and wellness goals!

Lunden Souza: Runtastic Fitness Coach, Lunden Souza, is a Certified Personal Trainer, the host of the Runtastic Fitness Channel on YouTube, and a fitness blogger and columnist.
Dieter Baumann: Dieter Baumann is a 1992 Olympic gold medalist in the 5000 meters, running coach, and author.

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