The Overthrow Series

Women Need a Breakthrough

The female athlete is an activist. When we face challenges we fight back. We won’t stop until we win. Share our story.

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Alicia Napoleon

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Jessie Zapo

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Niki Avery

Fight for yours

“Never let anyone tell you who you are or pull you down.” — Alicia

Alicia is a boxer who is showing the world what it means to fight like a girl. She won’t stop until she’s the best.

Find your focus.

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Find Your Purpose

“I’m fighting for women. I’m fighting for myself.” — Jessie

Jessie brings people together through running. She travels the world, building communities everywhere she goes.

Run without limits.

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Be fearless

“Don't be afraid to try.” — Niki

For Niki, basketball is so much more than just a game — it’s a lifestyle. She never gives up. She’s always getting better.

Make every moment count.

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Runtastic Results

Millions of women around the world are using the Runtastic Results bodyweight training app to reach their fitness goals. Join the movement. Get the 12-week, personalized training plan made for women by women.


Overthrow Boundaries. Share your story with us on social media.
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