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Make progress and push your limits with engaging features & detailed statistics. Be proud of yourself!

Inspire yourself by taking a closer look at your accomplishments and draw motivation from your friends and a great community. In-depth training statistics, daily tips and exciting benefits during your workouts keep your fitness journey fun. You can do this!

Weekly Fitness Report
As a Premium Member, you'll receive a personalized Weekly Fitness Report that summarizes completed activities from the past 7 days & compares your stats to the previous week's.
Advanced Stats & Analysis
You're a numbers person? As a Premium Member, you'll receive detailed data analysis that provides context for your activity statistics, helps you monitor progress & reach personal goals!
Premium Support
Ready for the best of the best? With your Premium Membership, enjoy top-of-the-line support from our Customer Support team.
LIVE Tracking & Cheering
Go, go, go! Send personal encouragement and custom messages within the Runtastic community (for those days when friends need an extra push) via LIVE Tracking & Cheering!
Story Running
Let us entertain you! Choose from a variety of genres like Adventure, Travel, Weight Loss, Fantasy or Motivation, and discover new worlds while on the run. All available with your Premium Membership.
Daily Tips
Receive a variety of useful & motivational tips from various, unique categories, including Lifestyle, Weight Loss and Nutrition. Live better, stay inspired & reach your goals with Premium!
Power Song
Push through those moments when you run out of energy with a motivational boost from your favorite song. For Premium Members, instant motivation is just one tap away!
History Filters
Customize your dashboard and activity history by applying different filters for time frames, activity types, distance, duration & much more.
Colored Traces
Display your training routes in different color shades to visualize changes in pace, speed, elevation & slope. Life is better in color!
Challenge Your Run
Want to know if you can do even better? Run against yourself and beat your time on a certain route. Just the motivation you need to set a new personal record!
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