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Boost your fitness & performance with training plans, workout videos & more.

Choose from a wide variety of training plans to reach your personal fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss, running a certain distance or getting stronger & healthier with bodyweight training. Plus, get instructional exercise videos for targeted training sessions or nutrition tips to boost the effects of your workouts - Premium offers all this and much more.

Training Plans
Different targeted Runtastic training plans are now available within your Results & Runtastic apps. Bodyweight training, running a 10K, a half marathon or a marathon, losing weight...whatever your goal, we've got a plan for that - so hop to it!
Interval Training
Nothing like intervals to improve your performance! Whether you choose a predefined interval or create your own - you’ll soon outperform yourself & your friends. Exclusively available to Premium Members!
Workouts & Exercises
Get in shape or keep fit with hundreds of instructional exercise videos (also for Apple TV & Chromecast!) and a wide variety of predefined workouts. Premium grants you access to all of them & allows you to create your own customized workouts, too. Get your sweat on!
Goals & Records
Set & reach personal goals and track & beat a wide variety of personal records! Why bother? Because challenging yourself to give it your all is a fun way to keep your fitness routine fresh & satisfying.
Heart Rate Measurement
Set custom heart rate zones corresponding to your personal fitness level. Monitor your heart rate and maximize your training results by choosing the right speed and intensity.
Auto Pause
Don’t worry about pausing your activity at every red light or when you have to tighten your shoelaces yet again. Auto Pause knows when you stop and automatically pauses & resumes your activity.
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