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Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Stay Healthy

Lose weight and muscle up with nutrition & training plans, tips and tools. Change your body for good!

Eat right to accelerate change. Want to shed a few pounds and tone your body? Is your goal to get ripped? Healthy, balanced nutrition is key to your success, whether it’s sustainable weight loss or muscle growth. Get tools & insights from our experts!

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Nutrition Plans
No matter what your weight goals are, Balance has a targeted nutrition plan to guide you. Receive helpful tips and learn more about forming healthy habits to make your goals a reality. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or boost your energy, the Balance app will get you there.
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Food Diary
Achieving your weight goal isn't only about calorie counting. With an ideal ratio of proteins, fats and carbs calculated for your goals, you can see if your tracked foods are providing you with the macro- and micronutrients you need.
Health & Nutrition Guide
Get in-depth insights & tips on all things health and nutrition-related to make the most of your training efforts. Muscle growth, hydration, healthy fats — we’ve got answers to all your questions. Fitness is a lifestyle – make it yours.
Training Plans
Targeted weight loss and bodyweight training plans support your efforts to lose weight or gain muscles. Premium Members have access to all plans. Ready to reach your goals? Kick off your 12-week training plan or Walking for Weight Loss plan today!
Daily Tips
Receive a variety of useful & motivational tips from various, unique categories, including Lifestyle, Weight Loss and Nutrition. Live better, stay inspired & reach your goals with Premium!
Interval Training
Interval training not only boosts your pace & performance, but also supports you on your weight loss journey. Burn body fat and define your muscles with predefined or customized interval training sessions!
Story Running
Learn more about goal setting & sustainable weight loss or do a fartlek with Story Runs like Your Journey to Weight Loss I & II, Running for Results or Pushing the Limit. Run towards your ideal weight & maintain it!

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