Runtastic Road Bike

Runtastic Road Bike is your comprehensive bike app for your smartphone. The integration of heart rate, cadence, and speed sensors lets you get more precise tracking and analysis of your biking.


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No século XIX, os cientistas advertiam contra a chamada "cara de bicicleta". Segundo eles, o rosto poderia ser deformado pelo vento. Tem piada, não é? Hoje sabemos que a bicicleta é um dos desportos mais saudáveis ​​e também pode ajudar a aumentar a esperança de vida.

Don’t let your bike get dusty in the garage, instead ride into a healthier future - with Runtastic Road Bike!

Then the Runtastic Road Bike app is the perfect tool for you. This app is your ideal partner for all your biking activities. The Runtastic Road Bike app tracks the important metrics for all your rides including duration, distance, elevation, route and calories burned. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional rider, the app adapts to you. Bored with your routine? The Open Cycle Maps makes your rides more versatile. They offer a huge number of bike routes throughout Europe, the US and many other countries. The maps are perfect for bikers, especially for those who plan bike tours or search for new routes before their next ride.

Quer fazer algo de bom para asua saúde e divertir-se ao mesmo tempo?

The record for highest number of entries in the Tour de France is held by Joop Zoetemelk, a Dutchman boasting 16 tour participations and finishes, with seven finishes on the podium and a win in 1980!

Impressionante, não é? Agora também pode treinar como um ciclista da Tour de France.

With the Runtastic Road Bike PRO app, enjoy even more biking activities. In addition to data analyzing and tracking, this app offers a lot of extra features. Download and save maps to your smartphone ahead of time so you don’t need an internet connection while biking. Now trips abroad or to areas where you don’t have mobile access are no longer a problem. To gauge your performance during your rides, the Runtastic Road Bike PRO app lets you measure your exact cadence, speed, and heart rate. Thanks to these accurate measurements, you can track your performance and aim to improve it. Needing motivation because a steep mountain is in front of you? No problem. The Runtastic Road Bike PRO App helps you master every mountain. With the cheering feature, your friends can cheer you on, motivating you all the way to the top. Using the app’s Geotagging feature take pictures and show off your adventures to your friends.

Por isso levante-se e comece a pedalar!

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Features of Runtastic Road Bike

    iPhone   Android
GPS Tracking
Measurement of Distance, Duration, Speed, Pace, Calories Burned
Map View
Charts (Speed | Elevation | Heart Rate)  
Histórico de Treinos
Dividir tabela
Social Sharing
(Runtastic | Facebook | Twitter | G+ | Email)
Manually Add Activities
Synchronize Activities
Metric & Imperial Units
Multi-User Capability
Mapas (OSM, OCM, Google)
Mapa Ecrã Total
Voice Coach  
LIVE Tracking
Heart Rate Monitoring
Rate of Climb and Grade (%)
Duration & Distance of Uphill, Flat, Downhill
Integrated Music Player
Mapas offline
Tabela Dividida Dinâmica de Distância
Painel Configurável
Speed & Cadence Sensor
Auto Pausa*
Heart Rate Zones Graph
Cadence Zones Graph
Only in Runtastic PRO
Não disponível
* Only works in conjunction with Speed and Cadence Sensors

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