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Daniel S. 38, Clerk

Why I find the Runtastic GOLD Membership so incredible:

Free Training Plans

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The free training plans help me reach my goals and drop a bit of weight. Whether your goal is weight loss, a great summer figure, a 10K or marathon - there's a perfect plan for you!

Fitness Report

Every week, I eagerly await my Fitness Report. The green stats & arrows are just so motivating! My goal is to improve my performance every single week!

Great performance, Daniel!
Calories Burned
Minutes Run


First run today... I'm totally dead, but also feeling kind of inspired & happy!

Just tried a great new route created by one of my friends. Thanks, Alex!

Wow! No side aches for weeks & today I even cracked a pace of under 7:00 min.!

Within statistics, the blue line - the duration - is my favorite. When I started, I didn't even last 5 minutes - now I can easily run for 30 minutes!


Competing with myself and pushing to give my all is fun and easy with the Records feature! It feels great to continuously improve my performance & review my latest records each time I go on Runtastic.com.


Being able to enjoy my solo runs while having my friends send me personalized LIVE cheers is fantastic! I am independent and flexible, yet they can motivate & push me to a top performance!

Your Benefits

When you become a Runtastic GOLD Member, you'll experience the benefits that enthuse innumerable Runtastic GOLD members around the world:

Fitness Report

Your personal Fitness Report provides you with a weekly overview of your most important activity data & details.

Stats & Analysis

Advanced statistics allow you to analyze & optimize your training habits and lose weight over time.

Free Training Plans

Access unlimited, free Runtastic Training Plans as a GOLD Member, regardless of if you'd like to lose some weight, tone up before your next holiday or train for a marathon!


Receive additional motivation with personal cheers and direct comparison with friends within your Runtastic community.


Show the world, your Runtastic love! Thanks to your membership, we can offer you exceptional Runtastic services in the future.

Colored Traces

Important info, such as: speed, incline, pace, heart rate & more are illustrated on your completed routes providing you with new insights.

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  • Training Log

    You'll find all your completed activities in your training log. Various filters are available for you to select and print the data you are most interested in. Keep a broad overview of your activity history and optimally plan future workouts.

  • Social Networking

    Sports & fitness are much more fun together with friends! Even when you're alone on the track, you can share your achievements through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Unlimited .gpx Export

    Use your routes and activities outside of Runtastic.com, as well. You can export your files as often as you like and take a look at your routes on Google Earth.

  • Statistics & Analysis


    Analyze your training just like the pros! Learn more about your training habits by evaluating your training results (duration, distance, calories burned, etc. in different time frames and for different activities) with the multifunctional Runtastic GOLD statistics.

  • Hábitos de treino


    What kind of an athlete are you? Early bird or night owl? Are you more active during the week or on the weekend? Summer or winter? Find out & make the most of your natural tendencies!

  • Gestão de Peso


    Always wanted to know how your body changes due to your training? Curious about your starting point and your progress? With the help of a WLAN scale (e.g. Withings) you can easily monitor your body fat and other metrics on Runtastic.com.

  • Unlimited, FREE Training Plans

    Preço normal

    Training plans help you to professionally prepare yourself to reach your fitness goals. The plans are developed by experts and are specifically designed to help you continuously improve your performance, lose weight, tone your body and more.

  • Flag Routes


    You can flag unlimited routes, thereby adding them to your personal directory of routes. Great for trying out new routes nearby!

  • Sync Flagged Routes


    You can easily sync all your flagged routes to your smartphone.

  • Colored Traces


    Your and others' activities, as well as saved routes, are displayed with colored traces. The traces help you visualize the terrain (altitude, gradient) on the route & your personal performance (lap time, heart rate and speed).

  • No Ads on Runtastic.com

    Fed up with advertising? A Runtastic GOLD Membership frees you from those pesky banners - enjoy Runtastic.com without ads!

  • Suporte Premium

    Become a VIP! Your questions and requests get priority support and will be answered within no time!

  • Compare yourself to yourself

    Use your training log to regularly compare your current stats with your past results. You will detect improvements at once, stay motivated and push yourself to new records!

  • Compare yourself with friends

    Monitor your friends’ performance and compare yourself to them. Motivate each other and push one another to new levels!

  • Fitness Reports

    The fitness report provides you with a weekly summary of your sports activites. Learn how you improved compared to your previous week’s performance, keep motivated & stay focused!

  • Nivel de Motivação

    Let your friends cheer you on during your LIVE sessions and push you to a top performance. On Runtastic.com, you can then see who cheered you on and when.

  • Mensagem de apoio personalizada

    For GOLD Members, it's now possible to create custom cheers. Record your cheering and send it to your friends. Have fun with this feature, whether your cheers are funny, inspiring or intense!

  • Filtros avançados

    With advanced filtering you are able to filter your completed activities by activity, duration, distance and burned calories. The dashboard allows you to easily keep track of your sports activities and analyze them even better.

  • 3-Day Weather Forecast

    See a 3-day weather forecast for your selected route and decide which day is best for your activity, according to the weather.

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