The new runtastic fitness portal in its innovative design available in 5 languages

As from yesterday, the runtastic fitness portal has a shiny, completely new design. The entire portal has been graphically and functionally redesigned and now offers the users the possibility to manage their data even in a more professional way. Dinamic and trendy, the fitness portal introduces itself in 5 different languages. The goal is to offer it in even more languages, so translations to other languages have already started. Apart from graphics’ redesign, its real development focus is that an optimal sports data management can be reached by every athlete. Users should be guided and supported as best as possible along their way to reach their goals. In order to achieve an effective and focused training, a perfect training management is necessary. Planning also plays an important role, therefore it is included in the new runtastic fitness portal in a simple but effective way. These are the new features of the runtastic fitness portal:

    • 5 languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian)runtastic fitness portal
    • new statistics
    • improved Live-Tracking Mode
    • 3 new cheerings
    • comparison with yourself
    • comparison with your friends
    • calendar view
    • filter and print function of your online training log
    • runtastic media center
    • new runtastic shop design
    • Withings-Connect

In order for the users not to migrate too promptly, the runtastic fitness portal in its old design will still be available  for a short time. After this time the adaptation phase will be over and only the new runtastic fitness portal will be available.

The runtastic team’s purpose through the entire new development is to respond to the wishes of our users; already in the lead time of the development, their wishes were gathered and prioritized. This resulted in new statistics, which are very useful for evaluating the activities.

In the often desired caleruntastic calendarndar function directly in the account, which allows activity planning, with it you will never forget an activity from your trainings plan or simply you can have  an overview of all your activities. For you to be always informed about your current activities, also offline, in the new runtastic fitness portal it is possible to filter by activity or by time and print your selection.

In addition to these highly useful features, motivation shouldn’t be left aside. Comparison with yourself and with your friends keeps a high motivation and encourages you to continuously improve your performance. Experience also the new cheerings in the Live-Tracking mode. In order to take advantage of all these features, it is important to be well equipped for all the different activities. The runtastic shop introduces itself, just like the runtastic fitness portal in a new design offering you comfortable shopping straight from your house with your runtastic account. The brand new runtastic media center was likewise developed. The runtastic community will find here press releases, newspaper articles, videos about runtastic and much more and can always keep up to date.

Simultaneous with the new runtastic fitness portal, the new help tool will also be released. Here a wide range of frequently asked questions will be provided so that the runtastic users can find a direct solution for their problem. With key words you can search open questions and problems and at the push of a button get the right answer. If in this pool of solutions there is no adequate answer, then you can create a ticket which will be handled by the runtastic support team. For the runtastic GOLD members there is still the premium support, which guarantees a reply within the next 48 hours.

The entire runtastic team wishes all users a lot of fun experiencing the runtastic fitness portal and its new features. Volunteers to translate the fitness portal into many other languages would make us really happy!

Having said this… keep moving and stay runtastic!


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